About us

We are a team. Every day we do our best to surround you with perfect products which will make you happy. Currently we are the biggest puppet maker in Central Europe. Every year we produce about 30.000 pieces and a lot of them travel around the world. Likewise our toys are very popular among our little customers and play an important role for them. Despite of that we don´t rest on our laurels and by the means of modern technologies and fair craftsmanship we want to be the best in producing puppets and design wooden toys as well as being a fair partner in implementation of your various projects.

History of company

The family company was founded by Pavel Mašek in 1990. He was inspired to make puppets by his father who had always had a very close relationship with puppets. He also brought a famous artist Emil Hauptmann (†2012) to the company who is the author of many puppet designs, theatres or toys as well as various drawings and covers. Nowadays there is second generation in the company and we are convinced that we will be here at your service for a long time.

Wrote about us

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